Human Resources Functions

Performance Management System

The TSKB Performance Management System is a competency- and goal-based system whose principles involve the following processes:

  • Identify and rate employee competencies
  • Associate corporate objectives with employee performance
  • Conduct personal interviews
  • Prepare individual development plans.

The results of the performance management system are used as input for identifying training needs, for career planning, and for remuneration and reward management.

Remuneration & Reward Management

TSKB abides by a competitive, market-sensitive remuneration policy. The findings of salary surveys regularly conducted by consultants specialized in such matters are used as input for the implementation of this policy.

Pay rises are based on the criteria of employee performance, self-improvement efforts, sectoral averages, and inflation rates.

An employee’s remuneration package consists of two basic components: his salary entitlement and his share of the Employee Allocation from the bank’s profits. A third and additional component consists of a Superior Success Bonus that is paid on the basis of performance management system results.

Employees are provided with fringe benefits in the form of transportation to and from work, lunch, and access to the bank’s library and gym facilities.

In addition to their statutory pension benefits, bank employees are entitled to a second-tier pension as members of the TSKB Employees Supplemental Social Security and Solidarity Foundation, which also pays for their medical treatment at contractually designated hospitals.

Occupational Health and Safety

TSKB is a corporate citizen which recognizes the importance of its employees’ health and safety and which makes such issues integral to its human resources policies and practices.
In both its headquarters buildings in İstanbul and in its branches TSKB is mindful of being in full compliance with all occupational health & safety laws and regulations currently applicable in Turkey. In addition, the bank also abides by a policy that takes into account internationally accepted occupational health & safety practices as well. The bank’s physical conditions and technical infrastructure are regularly checked for compliance with occupational health & safety laws and regulations. Current information about activities related to health and safety issues is published on the bank’s corporate intranet.

Termination Policy

Severance Pay

Severance Pay is paid to an employee in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Labor Code in situations where the employee’s work agreement is terminated for any one of the reasons for which the Labor Code requires payment of termination benefits. In the event of an employee’s death, such benefits are paid to their legal beneficiaries.

Pay In Lieu Of Notice

Employee termination notices are provided within the periods of time stipulated in the Labor Code. In situations where these notice periods are not complied with, an employee is provided with pay in lieu of notice as is also mandated by the applicable provisions of the Labor Code. In situations where notice of termination is duly provided, employees are allowed not less than two hours of time in which to seek other employment for each workday during the notice period.

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