Real Estate Appraisal

TSKB provides domestic and international investors with insightful real estate consultancy services and guidance through its subsidiary, TSKB Real Estate Appraisal.

Real Estate Appraisal

Getting the value of a real estate property right is of critical importance not just to maximizing the benefits and interests of both buyer and seller but also to many other issues ranging from accurate financial reporting to helping investors make rational decisions.

In the conduct of our real estate property market value appraisal consultancy services, we determine the cash-sale and/or rental value that properties can fetch on the market according to projections based on the properties’ best-use potential. A fundamental principle of this service is that it must be entirely independent and impartial and not be subject to any external influence or pressure.

Our real estate appraisal approaches and models

  • Reconstruction Cost Method
  • Peer Comparison Method
  • Income Capitalization Method
  • Project Development Approach
Machinery Park & Equipment Appraisal

Machinery and equipment have a value and importance both as a part of the property in which they are located and independent of it. Sometimes the uniqueness of a real estate project’s location may also bestow a unique value on machinery and equipment.

For the conduct of its technical analyses, TSKB employs a team of engineers specialized in appraising installations, machinery, equipment, and fixtures of every kind. The bank also prepares evaluation reports that conform to internationally-accepted methods and standards.

Tenders Consultancy

Real estate properties number among the corporate assets whose acquisition/sale is subject to formal tendering processes. We have developed and provide a complete package of consultancy services to help investors make sound decisions;

  • For a property to be tendered or auctioned, we may determine an estimated price or perform an analysis of the precedential value of comparable properties.
  • We ensure that all of a property’s legal and technical issues are fully documented.
  • We prepare and submit reports that are compatible with international standards and are in the strictest confidence.
Highest & Best-Use Analysis

Through our highest & best-use analysis service we add sustainable value to your real estate projects by identifying the alternatives that will generate the highest returns on your investment.


Because it will determine the effectiveness of investing in real estate, “Highest & Best-Use Analysis” is one of the most important steps that should be taken at the very beginning. This analysis will help answer a host of questions such as “Should we build a hotel or a factory here?” and “Would a structure designed as an office building generate more added value if it were used as a school instead?

Through comprehensive modeling and trend analyses it is possible not just to come up with use alternatives for vacant land but also to determine ways in which to solve problems where a property is not living up to its highest and best-use potential owing to physical or functional obsolescence arising from local or sectoral developments


  • We analyze regional and sectoral supply & demand balances.
  • We conduct competition and market research.
  • We perform strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat (SWOT) analyses.
  • We carry out cost and income projections and determine an investment’s potential cashflow.
Collateral Appraisal

Through the collateral appraisal services that we provide to firms operating in the financial services industry, we analyze the value and risks inherent in the real estate properties that they plan to accept as collateral for loans that they intend to extend.

We also provide a similar service for insurers, producing reports that identify the risks to which properties they intend to insure are exposed and allowing them to compare the relative values of assets.

Real Estate Feasibility Consultancy

We provide feasibility consultancy services to entrepreneurs who wish to undertake highly profitable real estate investment projects. We also perform comprehensive project analyses as guidance for investors.

Examining a project from the entrepreneur’s point of view

  • Sector and market analysis
  • Evaluation of future expectations
  • Comparative evaluation of similar projects
  • Determining a project’s potential regional and/or sectoral positioning
  • Demand analysis
  • Estimate investment expenditures
  • Pricing and revenue forecast
  • Marketing policy evaluation
  • Performance prediction
  • Calculate net present value and rate of return
Project Development & Monitoring Consultancy

Real estate projects are typically long-term undertakings that frequently involve the simultaneous conduct of complex engineering stages. Tracking such projects and determining whether or not they are moving forward on schedule demands specialized knowledge and experience.

Through our project development and monitoring consultancy service, we create high added-value for investors by performing cost analyses, analyzing the legal and current status of construction sites, determining and reporting a project’s progress, and so on.

Our services:

  • Housing
  • Ofis
  • Offices
  • Shopping Centers
  • Logistical Storage Space
  • Tourism Investments
  • Hydroelectric Power Plants
  • Plant and Facility Investments
Sector Analyses & Special Reports

Because real estate properties are so intimately associated with people’s lives and may have significant social impact as well, real estate sector analysis involves issues unlike those of any other.

We perform regional-based market research and sectoral analyses and also prepare needs-based special reports through which we seek to provide investing firms with guidance on such issues as location, timing,construction standards, and so on.

Green Building Analysis

In response to climate-change concerns, environmental and social factors have become increasingly more important. This has begun to bring about changes in the real estate industry in which legal and sustainability-related issues must be taken into account as well.

As the TSKB Group, we provide IVSC-compliant valuation services and perform BREEAM-compliant “Green-Building Analyses” for real estate projects. Such certifications create added value by helping projects to distinguish themselves from their potential competitors.

Our Services:

  • Green Building Analyses
  • Highest & Best-Use Green Building Analyses
  • Real Estate Property Green Building Certification Process Analyses
Urban Renewal Consultancy

Already high on today’s agendas, urban renewal projects look set to become even more important in the near future in Turkey. Through our urban renewal consultancy services we perform current-situation analyses, identify the true owners of real estate property rights, conduct goodwill assessments both initially and for the new units that will result from a project, and carry out highest and best-use analyses for land.

Concept Development Consultancy

When real estate projects are being shaped, we take part in the development process by presenting our recommendations about concepts, by performing detailed sectoral analyses, by investigating supply and demand, and by conducting market research.

TSKB Gayrimenkul Değerleme A.Ş.
Owing to its strong socioeconomic linkages with other sectors, the real estate industry is of vital importance to the national economy. It is therefore an important focal point of attention for TSKB in the consultancy services that it provides.
Founded in 2002 and awarded its CMB license in 2003, TSKB Gayrimenkul Değerleme (TSKB Real Estate Appraisal) was Turkey’s first privately-owned property appraisal firm. It remains the leader of its sector and is the representative of TSKB’s strength in this business line.

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