Strategic Financial Consultancy

We seek to be your long-term business partner through consultancy services that focus on your firm’s strategic undertakings.

Company, Brand & License Valuations

With our team of experts, we provide service conforming to international technical norms when assessing the value of companies, physical assets such as machinery and infrastructure as well as of intangible assets such as brands, rights, licenses and patents. We also prepare special reports to banks, auditing firms and public agencies.

Feasibility Analyses & Studies

If companies are to continue growing effectively and productively, it’s very important that their investment decisions be made rationally and that their actions be informed by hard data.

In the area of feasibility studies, TSKB employs a team of experts who are specialized in making long-term projections and in developing and implementing models in order to consider the financial, economic, technical, administrative, and legal aspects of our corporate customers’ investment projects. By identifying how long it will take a project to recoup its costs, how efficient and profitable it will be, how much added value it will generate, and what risks it may create, we provide decision-makers with the multidimensional analyses they need.

Financial Restructuring

For firms that are having financial difficulties we provide financial restructuring services in which we first conduct financial and operational studies to determine what the real situation is and then develop strategies and recommendations for resolving financial problems.

We meticulously manage all processes from selecting what alternative methods (debt restructuring, equity/debt refinancing, etc) will be best for the company and bringing the firm’s investors and/or financiers together to discuss them on the one hand to handling the equity/debt refinancing that the firm needs to complete the project.

Business Plan & Strategic Roadmap Design

When planning for the future, companies may consider many different possible courses of action such as joint ventures, public offerings, bond issues, project finance, and so on. Analyzing a host of alternatives taking a company’s current circumstances and potentials into account requires a disciplined effort in which alternative roadmaps are laid out, discussed, and ultimately decided upon and in which disparate visions are blended into one.

Our country’s economic landscape consists largely of family-owned companies that are now undergoing the process of institutionalization. Every decision taken by the owners of a firm whose vision/strategies make it a candidate for investment banking harbors not just important opportunities but also risks that may be hard to deal with. It is at this point that it becomes critically important to take rational decisions rather than purely emotional ones.

Through the business plan and strategic roadmap services that we provide to our corporate customers, we develop the most apposite solutions and support rational decision-making. We organize and effectively manage project processes on behalf of the firm’s officers so as to ensure that the company’s business activities continue without interruption.

Sectoral Analyses

In order to stay on top of the sectoral information that we need to conduct our project evaluation, company evaluation, and other consultancy services, we keep a continuous watch on all sectors that may be of interest to us. We also publish comprehensive research reports about such sectors when necessary. In these sectoral reports, we consider a particular sector’s current standing both in Turkey and abroad, its capacity, output, and international trade picture, and its domestic demand and competitive environment as well as its future outlook in all these aspects.

In addition to the sectors that we monitor continuously, we also prepare comprehensive reports about real- and financial-sector issues and markets for customers upon request.

Project Finance Consultancy

We provide consultancy services to corporate customers who are thinking about project finance for their investments and who need guidance on the matter. When doing so, we provide complete support in identifying the best possible source of funding and in developing the most appropriate financing model.

  • Coordinate with sub-consultants.
  • Formulate financing model.
  • Meet and negotiate with potential creditors.
  • Evaluate incoming lending offers.
  • Evaluate incoming lending offers.
  • Select a creditor.
  • Provide opinions on all relevant documentation.

TSKB’s provision of project finance consultancy services does not necessarily mean that the bank will also be playing a role in the ensuing project either as the only lender or as one of the lenders. Depending on the project however and its compatibility with the bank’s capital structure and mission, TSKB may be invited to take part in the process as a potential source of credit financing.

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