Sustainability & Environmental Consulting

Through our synergetic collaboration with Escarus TSKB Sustainability Consultancy (Escarus Sustainability Consulting ), our potent subsidiary in the sustainability business line, we integrate internationally-accepted sustainability practices into the Turkish business world.

The business world bears tremendous responsibilities for ensuring that the growth and development that it brings today do not threaten the lives and resources of future generations.

Both through the trail-blazing sustainability practices that we have integrated into all of our own banking service processes as well as through Escarus, a subsidiary that we have set up to provide consultancy services exclusively in this business line, we support sustainable development by making our knowledge and experience in this area accessible not just to the financial services industry but to the business world at large.

Sustainability Management

Through effective sustainability management, companies not only reduce and manage their risks better but also enhance their brand value and public reputation.

By providing sustainability consultancy services that enable corporate customers to manage and monitor their sustainability-related issues systematically, we contribute to their long-term success and performance.

  • Identify sustainability-related issues.
  • Develop sustainability-related strategies.
  • Identify and report on sustainability-related performance criteria and targets.
  • Set up an integrated environment and sustainability management system.
Environmental & Social Due Diligence

Through our environmental and social due diligence services, we identify the environmental and social status of power plants, industrial facilities, and urban renewal projects and we provide support to ensure the sustainability of investments.


  • We help minimize the environmental impact of products and services.
  • We help prevent unforeseeable environmental problems that could lead to monetary and reputational loss by encouraging the use of environmental management and control measures.
  • We help ensure compliance with existing national laws and regulations and with any changes that take place in them.
Technical Consultancy

Through our technical consultancy services, we analyze both a facility’s operational and environmental performance and its compliance with environmental laws and regulations; we also identify and report any issues that adversely impact efficiency. We evaluate the investment needed to make any changes that are required and formulate an appropriate cost structure.

  • Studying and reporting on operational efficiency
  • Determining long-term investment requirements
  • Creating business models to determine cost structures and operating costs
  • Preparing facility feasibility studies
Climate Change Management

Through the consultancy services and models that we provide to help manage environmental risks and performance parameters that affect climate change within the framework of a rationalized system, we play a role in the transition both to a low-carbon economy and to more efficient production methods.

  • GHG inventory and consultancy
  • Develop greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies.
Carbon Asset Management

We provide manufacturing and services-sector companies with qualified expert support through specialized consultancy services in such areas as greenhouse gas emission measurement, internal and external greenhouse gas emission reduction, greenhouse gas emission mitigation process communication, and greenhouse gas emission inventory management.

  • Carbon Credit Development Consultancy
    We also provide carbon credit development consultancy services to firms that undertake clean-energy and energy-efficiency investments.
  • Sıfır Karbon (Zero Carbon) Certification
    For firms that undertake efforts and investments in the areas of sustainability and the environment, it is especially important that they have such projects undergo independently-conducted carbon certification audits so that the investments generate the financial, administrative, and social added-value expected of them. Sıfır Karbon (Zero Carbon) Certification principles are an important part of the certification system that we have developed as an adjunct of our carbon credit development consultancy service.
    Our Sıfır Karbon (Zero Carbon) certification service has been designed to provide a practical and comprehensive way for firms and other organizations to measure and report their greenhouse gas emissions as Turkey undergoes its transition to a low-carbon economy. In this way, companies have the ability to manage their carbon-neutralizing processes and to transparently reveal their commitments to doing so with the public at large.

We offer customers three different kinds of Sıfır Karbon certification:

  • Sıfır Karbon (Zero Carbon) Organization
  • Sıfır Karbon (Zero Carbon) Product
  • Sıfır Karbon (Zero Carbon) Service
Environmental & Social Risk Management

The Environmental Risk Evaluation Tool (ERET) is an evaluation model that rates projects by seeking answers to questions under thirty-five separate headings. Financial institutions can use this tool as a detailed, rational, systematic, and transparent platform for assessing the environmental and social risks of firms and projects that they lend to.

Using ERET, investments accumulate risk points according to an analysis of their location and surrounding inhabited areas, of their use of energy and natural resources, of their impact on flora and fauna, of their effluents, of their pollutants, and of their potential harm to natural resources. In situations where the resulting score is above average, we provide consultation on how to reduce and manage a project’s potential impact.

Investment Monitoring For Financial Institutions

We provide technical monitoring services to agencies and organizations that provide financial support to investments. These services consist of:

  • Making on-site visits
  • Checking and verifying feasibility reports and interpreting them from the standpoint of project risks
  • Checking budget and monthly work programs submitted by project owners; evaluating and verifying their costs in light of prevailing market conditions
  • Examining and interpreting total investment costs submitted by project owners; determining the final investment cost
  • Examining construction and equipment-related contracts; preparing investment progress reports
  • Determining the unit costs that make up the total investment cost in light of prevailing market conditions as of valuation dates
  • Identifying potential risks that a project may encounter during the construction and operation stages; identifying precautions to be taken
  • Ensuring that all paperwork and licenses needed both to begin and to surrender a project’s construction works have been duly obtained.
Renewable Energy Consultancy & Energy Efficiency Consultancy

We provide investors and financial institutions with renewable energy project assessment, monitoring, and reporting services that make use both of our extensive technical experience and of the methodologies that we have developed in this area. We also provide training and consultancy services in the area of energy efficiency in order to increase the business community’s awareness of such matters.

  • Technical assessments concerning hydroelectric, wind, biomass, landfill gas, and solar power issues
  • Capacity, production and investment projections
  • Project monitoring
  • Reporting for financial institutions
  • Capacity development training at organizations involved in the renewable energy industry
  • Case study analysis

Escarus – TSKB Sustainability Consultancy
Deriving its strength from the successful sustainability practices that TSKB has pioneered in Turkey, Escarus Sustainability Consulting employs an experienced and professional team to provide sustainability consultancy services and to integrate internationally-accepted sustainability practices into the Turkish business world.
Founded in 2011, Escarus is a TSKB subsidiary and the bank’s most potent business partner in the provision of consultancy services on issues related to the environment, sustainability, carbon footprints, and climate change.

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