Sectoral Research

In line with its mission of increasing the competitive strength of Turkish industry, TSKB supports Turkey’s sustainable growth through services structured in line with its business partners’ objectives. By engaging in sectoral research the bank makes comprehensive assessments not just of the sectoral impact of domestic and international developments but also of sectors fraught with both potential and risk. The bank does this to provide guidance on what priorities should be when determining the structure and allocation of resources.

All of the figures and other information provided in the “Economic Research Department” section of this website have been collected and compiled by Türkiye Kalkınma Bankası AŞ from sources which are believed to be trustworthy and valid. It is being provided solely for informational purposes and without expectation of any material benefit. We do not guarantee the accuracy of such figures and information; neither are we providing it with the intention of securing any benefit or return. Interpretations and projections based on information obtained from trustworthy international, national, and sectoral sources as well as from official agencies reflect our opinions at the time such information was received. Türkiye Kalkınma Bankası AŞ cannot be held responsible for any losses that may be sustained on account of errors and omissions in such information or from any use of such information.

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