‘’Women Stars of Tomorrow’’ Selected

20 April 2018
- 4 min Read

14 young women musicians found eligible for “Women Stars of Tomorrow: Young Women Musicians Support Fund”, launched under Istanbul Music Festival in cooperation with TSKB, have been named.

The musicians to benefit from the support fund, "Women Stars of Tomorrow" launched in cooperation with the Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB) to mark the 46th year of the Istanbul Music Festival have been selected. The fund will support the international career progression of the selected 14 young and talented female musicians in the branches of instrumental music, vocals and conducting. Furthermore, the selected musicians will appear on stage alongside İdil Biret during the Istanbul Music Festival.

The fund will grow with support from art lovers

The Young Musicians Support Fund is a major project making a difference in the fields of women's employment and equal opportunities under TSKB's mission to support inclusive and social development, and will grow further with the contribution from those attending the concert. Proceeds from the sale of tickets for the concert to be held on the evening of Monday, 28 May at Boğaziçi University's Albert Long Hall will be transferred to the fund.

Applications by young women musicians seeking to continue their music education abroad or to attend master classes, participate in contests or orchestral auditions, or even to own a good instrument were evaluated by a jury chaired by Yeşim Gürer Oymak, the Director of the Istanbul Music Festival and Deputy General Director at the IKSV, and composed of Hakan Şensoy, violinist and conductor; Muhiddin Dürrüoğlu, pianist; Ayşegül Kirmanoğlu, clarinet player; and Özkan Manav, composer.

During the Pre-Concert session to be moderated by author Yekta Kopan ahead of the concert, İnci Kadribegiç, a student at Trakya University Medical School and a stem cell researcher, and Zeynep Karacan, a student at Yale University and an Honorable Mention Award winner at First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics contest, will tell their personal success stories.

Musicians entitled for support:

  • Alara Acar, Harp
  • Aslı Su Kurtuluş, Flute
  • Deniz Ayşe Birdal, Cello
  • Deniz Su Polat, Viola
  • Ezgi Göktürk, Piano
  • Ezgi Sarıkçıoğlu, Violin
  • Ezgi Su Apaydın, Violin
  • Gizem Sözeri, Double Bass
  • Gülin Ataklı, Oboe
  • Güneş Hızlılar, Harp
  • İdil Yunkuş, Violin
  • Ramona Kemmer, Piano
  • Sesim Bezdüz, Violin
  • Ülker Tümer, Cello