Energy and Efficiency

Renewable Energy Advisory

Within the scope of our Renewable Energy Advisory service, we work with technical data to support you in taking the right steps in the strategic decisions that you will take in your renewable energy projects.

We aim to help our customers reach their strategic goals in the renewable energy sector by developing their renewable energy projects, the purchase or sale of existing assets, the procurement of potential services, providing information about relevant legislation and contributing to contests, tenders, technical research, studies and reporting for the whole sector, including compliance with national and international standards.

Energy and Resource Efficiency Advisory

With our Energy and Resource Efficiency Advisory service, we provide an objective assessment by examining the technical performance of the company that you manage in the use of energy and resources. We aim to create an effective roadmap that will increase your competitiveness by reducing operating costs in your investments.

Within the scope of the analysis of your company's current activities, we analyze energy consumption and resource usage and identify potential areas which would benefit from greater efficiency.

We determine the energy consumption points and carry out the necessary measurements specifically when needed. We provide reports on how to improve your processes by protecting or increasing your product quality by conducting analysis and studies on the consumption of raw materials and intermediate products, the determination of wastes and waste recovery.

Technology Analysis and Assessments

In line with our Technology Analysis and Assessment advisory service, we ensure that the technologies which can be used in the development of new investment plans of companies are evaluated on a sector-specific basis. On the other hand, we also carry out technological analysis of the machinery / equipment used in existing facilities and interpret the results of the analysis.

By taking into account developments and changes in the sectors in which the company operates, we demonstrate how the technological infrastructure of existing facilities and the planned investments affect or will affect the operational performance and efficiency. As a result of the analysis, we offer companies the opportunity to see both the state of the existing facility and how planned investments will provide technological advantages in the future.

Cost - Benefit Analysis

With our Cost - Benefit Advisory service, we help you take the most accurate implementation decisions in decision-making processes in your projects or in comparing alternative investment projects, and to select high-gain projects.

We aim to identify all direct and indirect benefits and costs that have an impact on the decision-making process, and conduct an evaluation by taking into account potential risks and other factors. According to the result of these evaluations, we would aim to determine how much benefit is provided against the costs determined.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Within the framework of our Life Cycle Cost Analysis service, we aim to determine how each step you take in your current activities affects your costs and potential improvement opportunities in order to plan your future strategies. Together with our other advisory products which complement this service, we aim to help you achieve a more competitive structure.

We conduct the life cycle cost analysis in order to determine the risks that may occur during the life cycle of your product and the costs that arise during the production phase. We research the which alternative production methods, available or prospective in the facility, will be the most efficient and economical in production.

Within the scope of our service, we also provide the necessary investment (maintenance investment) recommendations for the facility for the future by determining all process phases in which energy and raw materials are spent in the existing facility, and by taking into consideration the costs arising from the expenditures in these phases.

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