Environment, Climate and Sustainability

Environmental Advisory

Our Environmental Advisory service, which will guide your strategic planning, includes studies on environmental and social aspects, a status assessment, risk management and monitoring, environmental management, waste management, water and air quality management and the preparation of related reports.

With this service, which is provided to public institutions as well as national or international companies in the private sector, we ensure that all aspects of the environmental and social risks of a production facility or activity are assessed by taking into account the obligations set out in legislation.

Sustainability Advisory

Within the framework of our Sustainability Advisory service, we offer your company special strategic solutions to increase its sustainability performance and enhance your competitiveness and reputation in your sector.

We are able to provide a range of services including gap analysis, sustainability management system establishment, SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) related studies and the configuration of sustainability governance structure as a whole or individually.

Carbon Management Advisory

In parallel with our Carbon Management Advisory service, we calculate greenhouse gas emissions arising from the buildings and production activities of private sector companies, and the potential to reduce their emissions in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of the Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey, or ISO 14064 Carbon Management Standards. We plan necessary mitigating actions and aim to carry out monitoring activities.

In addition to the measurement, mitigation and monitoring activities, which are carried out in accordance with international standards, we also shed light on the opportunities regarding the potential of generating revenue in the carbon market that may be established in the future.

Risk Management and Resilience

With this advisory service, which is aimed at providing action and adaptation plans for private sector companies so they can address the risks and opportunities arising from climate change, we provide public institutions with analysis and assessments that will form the basis of their climate change policies, thereby supporting public institutions and industrialists in the measures that they will take to tackle the effects of climate change, which are being experienced or will be experienced in the future.

Within the scope of the activities for private sector, we interpret the change in supply and demand in response to the potential effects of climate change according to product or raw material characteristics. By focusing on the process, we create production technology alternatives to support facility sustainability.

In the study to be conducted for public institutions, we carry out climate change analysis of a specific region and carry out the risk assessment of the region in terms of population, industry and agriculture.

Climate Change Management

With our Climate Change Management Advisory service, we assist public institutions, municipalities, companies and financial institutions in raising awareness of all kinds of environmental, social and economic damages resulting from global climate change, and guide efforts in climate change prevention and adaptation processes.

With this approach, which includes all stakeholders in the efforts to tackle climate change, we develop climate change management, adaptation and action plans, and report on climate change adaptation within the scope of this service, which we also provide on a local scale.

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