Technical Analysis and Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence

With our Technical Due Diligence advisory service, we aim to calculate the performance of your asset (facility or project) based on technical findings so that you are able to reach more objective and sound operational and commercial decisions.

Our assessment includes the analysis of the current situation of the project or facility, interpretation of permits, licenses, contracts and relevant documents, conducting engineering calculations such as the amount of investment, operating expenses, production amount in a way to be integrated into the cash flow, determination of strengths and weaknesses, identifying of opportunities and risks potentials.

In addition to this, our assessment process, of which field visit, organizational competency assessment, environmental and social assessment at a basic level and technological analysis are important part, is completed with the presentation of results and recommendations.

Technical Feasibility

With our Technical Feasibility advisory service, we aim to provide you with an insight of all dimensions of the technical aspects, risks and opportunities of your investment, thereby helping to simplify your investment decisions.

We aim to carry out all necessary research and detailed engineering calculations in order to determine the technical and financial feasibility of the investment.

Our work covers the identification of permits, licenses, contracts and documents of your project, preparation of work schedule, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, determination of potential risks and opportunities, basic level environmental and social assessment and technical analysis.

M&A Technical Advisory

We prepare all technical documents required for the purchase and sale transaction of the seller, performing all technical calculations subject to assessment and management of all technical processes from the decision phase of the company to the completion of the purchase and sale transaction.

For the buyer, we provide services such as analyzing the current situation by examining all technical documents, interpreting permits, licenses, contracts and documents, performing all technical calculations subject to assessment, determining strengths and weaknesses, and identifying potential risks and opportunities.

While providing an objective assessment of the technical performance of the asset, we aim to demonstrate the strategic value and opportunities which the asset offers, the potential risks and the possible synergies it will create in all technical aspects for the related parties. Accordingly, we help our customers decide the advantageous and acceptable value of the asset.

Investment Monitoring and Reporting

With our Investment Monitoring and Reporting advisory service, we prepare comprehensive assessments of the current status and progress of the investment at the request of investors or credit providers.

This service includes the analysis and reporting of the current status of investment studies and current deviations from the planned investment program by determining parameters such as the compliance of your work within the scope of the investment and project calendar, the determination of the changes occurring within the scope of the project, control of investment expenditures and progress of the investment, for example in its physical and mechanical aspects.

Within the framework of the findings, we aim to ensure correct interventions are implemented at the necessary points in the investment project.

Operational Monitoring and Reporting

With our Operational Monitoring and Reporting service, we perform technical analysis of business processes for the current activities of the companies. We conduct an assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of your company and carry out a benchmarking with the sector in general - in other words, offering a comprehensive snapshot of the operations.

Meanwhile, we report the findings obtained by examining issues such as analysis of the input / outputs of the product groups and the process, identification of bottlenecks, and actual production compared to the targeted performance./p>

With this service, we provide our customers or financial institutions with an objective assessment of the technical performance of a facility or investment. Analyzing the current process, evaluating the technical performance and reporting the results are also important in providing the opportunity for our customers or credit providers to intervene in the operational processes at the right time.

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