Financial Analysis Services

Finansal Check-up

We analyze the current financial structure of your company with our specialist team of financial advisors and carry out financial analysis including details such as sales, profitability, working capital and financing structure. We reinforce this study with customer visits and thus, enable an assessment of the general health of the company.

In addition to financial statement analysis, we conduct an overall observation of cash flow performance and how your company's financial processes are managed, while also preparing a risk assessment of your financial processes.

Within the scope of our Financial Check-up Advisory service, we help you evaluate your company's financial performance objectively and support you in taking the right actions in areas open to improvement.

Financial Performance Management

With our Financial Performance Management advisory service, we examine your company's current financial structure in detail. We determine the financial performance and overall health of your company and conduct benchmarking analysis with peer group players in the same or similar sectors.

In addition to determining the financial performance management criteria by considering corporate strategies, we also offer suggestions on your company’s strengths as well as the areas open to improvement.

With these analytical studies and suggestions, we identify and offer an opportunity to improve the factors that will affect the financial performance of your company with an objective perspective.

Financial Risk Management

With our Financial Risk Management advisory service, we conduct an examination of the financial risks which your company is exposed to and suggest actions to be taken to tackle the financial risks which have been identified and to reduce their impact.

In our study, we analyze risk factors such as financial statements, receivables, debts, the operating cycle and loans and carry out assessments on how exchange rate risk and financial risks are managed.

With this service, we forecast the negative impact of financial risks on your company's financial structure at the right time, and aim to mitigate or prevent such risks with the right instruments.

Financial Monitoring and Reporting

Within the scope of our Financial Monitoring and Reporting advisory service, we monitor the financial results of your company in line with your business plans, and prepare effective reporting sets by developing management reporting methodology.

Depending on your budget, we conduct financial analysis, sales profitability analysis of the target sector and market, the customer group or product group and carry out detailed monitoring and reporting processes regarding working capital management and investment results.

This service will allow you to monitor the financial results of the decisions you take in line with your goals and strategies, evaluate your financial performance objectively and intervene in processes at the right time in order to achieve your goals.

Management Competency Analysis

With our Management Competency Analysis advisory service, we examine the current financial management structure of your company, determine the management capacity and determine the level of financial management effectiveness by conducting a thorough competency analysis.

We analyze the technical knowledge, management, strategic planning, communication, decision-making and reporting competencies of the financial management levels.

With this service, we provide the opportunity to conduct an objective evaluation of the financial management of your company. We aim to shed light on the necessary training, organizing and structuring activities within the framework of the findings.

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