Financial Planning and Strategy

Financial Planning and Budgeting

With our Financial Planning and Budgeting advisory service, we carry out a detailed examination into the feasibility of achieving the financial targets that your company has set in a given time period as well as the detailed review of the budget prepared for these targets.

Within the framework of evaluating strategic decision options, profitability profile, investment and financing methods, we contribute to the improvement of the company's financial processes.

With this service, we help ensure that your company's budgeting and planning work is conducted in a healthy way. If there is a risk or problem, we help ensure that cash flow is managed more effectively by intervening in a timely manner.

Financial Strategy and Modelling

With our Financial Strategy advisory service, we examine your company's medium-long-term goals and development areas in detail. In light of the outputs of the financial models configured based on various variables, we contribute to effective strategic decision making and action processes.

Within the scope of our Financial Modeling service, by taking into consideration your opinions and assumptions concerning your company or project, we prepare specific financial modellings including estimations regarding the activity and borrowing structure, investment plans and the effects of sectoral developments. Thus, we help you create your roadmap for the future.

With these services, we aim to provide you with a clearer and better planned perspective based on accurate and reliable determinations in your decisions that you will take for the future.

CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Office Transformation

At a time when the role of CFO is becoming more important in strategic decision-making processes, our CFO Office Transformation advisory service both offers a monitoring your company's financial activities as well as assistance in the restructuring of the function of the CFO and all units under the CFO, in order to respond to changing demands quickly and accurately.

We aim to monitor and report of the financial, operational and strategic processes under the influence of the CFO function, and render them more efficient for financial institutions and investors, thereby increasing financial management competency.

With this service, we aim to add value to your company by contributing to the efficient operation of all CFO units.

Financial Feasibility Services

Within the framework of the Financial Feasibility advisory service, by analyzing the opportunities that your investment or project may generate with its strengths and weaknesses as well as potential threats, we aim to perform a cost-reward measurement of the project.

By analyzing the economic benefit that the resource to be used in a specific investment project or portfolio may provide in the medium or long term, we measure the feasibility of the investment project in question.

With this service, we cover all kinds of risks and details in a feasibility report into the investment which you plan to realize, which we prepare with an objective and professional perspective, providing an opportunity for you to use your resources efficiently.

Sectoral Analysis Services

Within the scope of our Sectoral Analysis service, we analyze the development of the sector with reliable statistics in terms of trends, risks and opportunities, and sectoral expectations for the future are established.

This advisory service includes an analysis of the historical development of the sector in which the company operates, statistical realizations, market share and benchmark analysis and basic sector specific assessments, such as sectoral ratio analysis, operational structures and a review of current trends.

Our sectoral analysis provide a range of information about the present and future of the sectors in which you operate or intend to operate in, and we will assist you in drawing up medium-long term plans in light of sound predictions.

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