Training Services

Financial Literacy Training

With our Financial Literacy training program, we convey the working principles of the financial ecosystem to the participants with examples from the market in order to increase the effectiveness of financial decisions made by company professionals and executives. We provide details of the functioning between the disciplines of finance, economics and accounting.

We help employees and executive candidates gain a financial literacy perspective and to take these financial decisions on a sounder basis. The training is aimed at increasing the level of effectiveness of financial decisions that will be taken both individually and institutionally.

Financial Analysis Training

With our Financial Analysis training program, we aim to increase the competence of company professionals and executives in financial statements and financial analysis techniques within the framework of their managed position.

Within the scope of the training program, we provide detailed information on accounting and finance concepts, financial statement items, financial analysis techniques, basic transfer and purification and ratio calculations.

With our program, which is enriched with case studies, we aim to provide our participants with the ability to read financial statements along with competence in performing analysis with a sectoral perspective.

Financial Planning and Control Training

With our Financial Planning and Control training program, we aim to increase the budgeting and budget control competencies of company professionals and executives, helping them reach their future financial goals with the correct use of resources and enhanced efficiency.

Within the scope of the program, which is enriched with case studies, we provide detailed information to participants in areas such as budgeting, reporting, budget control and cost control.

Financial Risk Management Training

With our Financial Risk Management training program, we aim to increase your awareness and application competencies in identifying and effectively managing the financial risks that your company may face, thus helping you successfully achieve your corporate objectives.

In the training program, which includes case studies, we teach participants the techniques and instruments that can be used to measure financial risk factors which may arise in issues such as liquidity, market, credit, maturity and exchange rate risk.

Investment Planning and Feasibility Training

Our Investment Planning and Feasibility training program helps you evaluate all critical aspects that will have an impact on your investment decisions in your medium-long term projects from a financial, technical and sectoral perspective.

We offer guidance on how to reach projections such as future investment, financing, sales, profitability, working capital along with building cash flow projections, providing example case studies on sector by sector basis.

We also provide information on the interpretation of indicators such as Internal Rate of Return (IRR), turnaround time and Debt Service Coverage Rate (DSCR), which can offer an idea of the efficiency of a project as a result of the cash flow study.

Through this training program, participants gain the competency to carry out project evaluations and to master the issues that have an impact on project efficiency.

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