Covid-19 Precautions

At TSKB, we actively take measures and continue to provide uninterrupted services!

Esteemed stakeholders,

At the Industrial Development Bank of Turkey, we have been intensively launching relevant measures in maximum coordination to ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers and business partners and secure business continuity in the wake of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, which has made a huge impact throughout the world.

In order to minimize the negative effects of the virus, we not only inform the employees of our bank and our affiliates but also implement a complete set of strict measures to ensure hygiene, safe transportation and service continuity at our workplaces.

We update the required measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in parallel with the guidance and information letters by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health and regularly issue reminders for our employees.

To this end, the majority of our employees have started working remotely. Meetings are now held via videoconferences. Events and business trips have been postponed for a certain period of time.

Our remote working and online access processes have been running smoothly.

We hope the world and our country alike will soon survive this period, during which we will continue to deliver uninterrupted services and maintain our service quality as always, thanks to the strong cooperation among our employees, our management team and you, our esteemed stakeholders.


TSKB - Industrial Development Bank of Turkey

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