Bank Information

Headquartered in İstanbul and established in 1950 with the support of World Bank and the Central Bank of Turkey and shareholding of private commercial banks, Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bankası (TSKB) is Turkey’s first privately-owned development and investment bank. Since the day it was founded, TSKB has been supporting Turkey’s sustainable growth with its deep knowledge and experience as well as the broad array of corporate banking, investment banking, and consultancy services that it provides its customers. Through financial subsidiaries offering real estate and sustainability solutions, TSKB also adds value to its customers’ investments.

Ever since its inception, TSKB has been engaging in business partnerships with supranational financial institutions, international development agencies, and banks and financial institutions all over the world through which it brings qualified and themed global funds together with investments undertaken by the Turkish business world. With a wide range of credit options that include corporate lending, project finance, and much more, TSKB provides financing support to sustainable investment projects in many different sectors. At the same time and in its capacity as an effective investment bank, TSKB also gives its customers the benefit of its international-class investment banking experience with products and services that have been carefully crafted to meet their specific needs.

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