Merger and Acquisition Preparation Services

Our M&A preparation services aim to provide the most appropriate pre-process partnership conditions for companies which aim to partner with a strategic/financial investor or completely sell their business line.

In this context, we evaluate the company's suitability for the process and aim to identify the changes which need to be carried out within the company before the process.

We examine the company from financial, sectoral and operational perspectives, evaluating areas such as cash flow management, working capital and debt management. We thus work to determinate the factors that will affect the sales value of the company and to provide the necessary guidance.

With this service, we ensure that the company is most suitably prepared for a possible partnership process. With the objective financial, operational and sectoral evaluations we conduct with the company, we offer guidance pertaining to the necessary changes and improvements to be carried out ahead of the process.

Financial Due Diligence (FDD)

We offer Financial Due Diligence advisory services to institutions which are buyers or lenders in the merger and acquisition process, providing them with the opportunity to decide on the suitability or fundability of the target company.

We conduct an objective and detailed evaluation of the financial position of the target company from strategic and operational perspectives prior to a potential acquisition or merger.

In addition to identifying the target company’s strengths and opportunities, we also identify its areas of risk and help ensure the buyer is fully informed throughout the price and share sale contract negotiations.

Once the financial due diligence study is complete, we publish a report to guide our customers in their decision on whether or not to continue the acquisition process, and where they decide to go ahead, we guide them in creating the right price mechanism and marketing strategies.

Vendor Due Diligence (VDD)

Our Vendor Due Diligence advisory is offered to assist companies considering the sale of their company, either partially or entirely, or those seeking to attract the attention of more than one potential buyer in a potential sales process, in carrying out their sales processes in the most effective manner.

We help you prepare your company for the sales process by establishing effective and objective communication with investors, providing the necessary financial information for them to offer high quality and comparable offers and identifying the issues which the buyers may consider as a problem in the sales process, and finding solutions in a timely manner. We guide vendors by examining the financial and operational information of the target company, identifying strengths and opportunities, and identifying areas of risk.

With our report, which is the culmination of our financial due diligence study, we support our customers in planning the vendor party process and the data room process.

Valuation Services

With our valuation service, we conduct a valuation study of your company, line of business or intellectual property, accordingly determining a purchase price or the impact of any significant actions to be taken on the valuation.

In addition to analysing financial and operational opportunities, we also analyse the impact of strategic decisions and provide a valuation service in accordance with international valuation standards.

Our valuation service aims to support our customers in their strategic planning and decision-making processes.