How do I apply

The officers of the company shall have a meeting with our Corporate Marketing department members on their EE projects and apply for credit by sharing the information on activity fields of the company and its financial data.

After asserting the compliance of investment and company characteristics with the funds to be utilised, bank officers requests comprehensive investment information and the study on the consequent energy saving in writing from the company so that engineering, financial analysis and economics teams can conduct a more detailed review. A detailed onsite project review is conducted on the project site especially with regards to technical engineering.

After getting these information and building the assurance structure, engineering, financial analysis and economics teams perform the project study and prepare a detailed report on the investment

This report is discussed by the authorized departments of TSKB and, if proper, then presented to the approval of Executive Board. After having that approval, the credit will be ready for utilisation. This process takes 3-5 weeks.

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