Potential Projects by Sector

Logistics Companies
  • By establishing collection and distribution centers, total transportation distance can be optimized so that total fuel consumption and total emissions can be reduced.
  • Packaging materials used during transportation can be re-used or recycled.
Automotive Supply Industry
  • Through new design, by decreasing the weight of the final product and by using less raw material.
  • Collecting and sorting of production wastes for recycling or re-use as raw material (i.e. machining chips, packaging material, oils)
Textile Industry
  • Less water consumption by investing in new technologies
  • Integration of recovery systems for paint and other auxiliary chemicals.
  • Using less material by maintaining the functionality of final products through innovative design.
  • New technology investment for the recovery of precious chemicals present in the solid wastes.
Paper Industry
  • Improvement in paper pulp preparation can result in reduction of water and energy consumption
  • Using boron in paper pulp preparation increases the pulp efficiency and decreases the raw material consumption.
Steel Industry
  • Process water can be re-used after being treated, which can lower the water consumption.
  • By products can be used as fuel or as raw material in recovery plants.
Cement Industry
  • Usage of alternative raw materials and fuel.
Food Industry
  • Improvements to decrease the consumption of water in sparkling drink production.
  • Save in water consumption during the washing and cleaning of raw materials in sugar and food industries.
Agricultural Industry
  • Apply or improve the agricultural drip irrigation systems.
Construction Industry
  • Make infrastructure works by taking into account rainwater piping systems.
  • Make investment to be green building or factories.
  • Recover the chemicals exhausted from the vents.
Energy Distribution System
  • By making renewal investments (i.e. renewal of transformers) electricity losses can be reduced.
  • Prevent leakages in processed water channels in all industries.
  • Reduce auxiliary chemical and utility losses during the manufacturing stage.
  • Improve process by decreasing the amount of raw material required for the production.
  • Develop R&D projects to save material, energy or water consumption of all processes.
  • Make technology investments in the manufacturing of pressurized and non-pressurized pipelines to reduce water losses.
  • Implement R&D projects for manufacturing of water-energy saving electronics such as A++ washing machine or refrigerator.
  • Produce more water efficient armatures.
  • Recover the contaminated processed water in order to reuse in the process.
Resource Efficiency Management

Managing resources (materials, energy, water and waste) efficiently is a key driver in every business helping to make continuous improvements in products, processes and the organization. This drives the reduction of both resources and costs, the increase in profitability and it limits the environmental impact.

Resource Efficiency Audit

Resource efficiency audits provide a comprehensive picture of resource utilization across the business. It can be a complex process depending on the size and nature of the business, and the audit report will rank its resource efficiency as 'high', 'medium' or 'low'. Additionally, you will be provided with a cost-benefit analysis for installing resource efficiency technologies, including the likely payback periods for installation costs.

Resource efficiency audit provides a complete picture of the resource usage right across a business. It can be a complex process depending on the size and nature of the business and the audit report will rank the resource efficiency of the business as high, medium or low. Additionally you will be provided with a cost-benefit analysis for installing resource efficiency technologies including the likely payback periods for installation costs.


To determine the resource efficiency potential of your company, please complete our Self-Assessment Questionnaire

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