Renewable Energy

As a leading corporation in the area of renewable energy financing, TSKB has been effectively supporting renewable energy projects in Turkey since 2002. Within over 450 renewable energy projects evaluated, the number of projects financed by TSKB has reached 211 as of 2016 year-end.

The total projected installed capacity of the energy projects financed by TSKB is approximately 5,332 MW, accounting for 15% of Turkey’s total installed renewable energy capacity.

The energy projects that TSKB finances support Turkey’s efforts to replace its currently fossil-fuel-dense modes of production with others that make greater use of renewable energy resources.

TSKB’s loan commitments to renewable energy sector has reached USD 3.4 billion, whereas the total investment cost amounted to USD 9.0 billion as of 2016 year-end. When these projects start to operate, it is expected that they will reduce Turkey’s total carbon emissions by at least 8.5 million tons a year.

Renewable energy projects financed by TSKB as of 2016 year-end:

Type Plants Total Installed Capacity (MW)
Hydroelectric 91


Geothermal 7 314
Wind 23


Solar 83 86
Biomass 7 106
Toplam 211


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