Human Resources

TSKB strives to provide a workplace environment that sustainably rewards success, gives importance to training, encourages personal improvement and initiative-taking, and is safe.

Human resources and the workplace environment at TSKB

TSKB continues to advance confidently towards its objectives with employees who are broad of vision, are pointed out as examples of professional expertise in the market, endeavor to satisfy customers’ needs and expectations, and are open to further improvement.

In order to ensure its sustainable corporate success, TSKB focuses on the following issues in the conduct of its human resources practices:

  • Managing human resources in line with bank policies
  • Discovering and developing employees’ potential at the collective as well as the individual level
  • Engaging in an interactive and in-depth dialogue with human resources on matters pertaining to TSKB operations and objectives.

Providing a progressive workplace environment that is mindful of people’s rights and encourages participation is seen as an important goal at TSKB, which ensures the ongoing competency- and specialization-based development of its employees.

TSKB Human Resources Structure

  • The total number of bankers employed at all TSKB headquarters and Ankara branch as of 2020 was 344.
  • 56% of TSKB’s personnel are female and 44% are male.
  • Average seniority at TSKB is 8.3 years; average employee age is 36.
  • 98% of TSKB’s personnel hold at least one university degree; 31% of them hold post-graduate academic degrees.
Basic Indicators At Year-End 2020
Number of employees (Bankers) Number %
Total 344 100
Female 191 56
Male 153 44
Average Banker Seniority
7,8 years
Breakdown Of Employees By Educational Level Female Male Total
Doctoral Degree 1 1 2
Master’s Degree 57 60 117
University Graduate 127 91 218
Vocational Highschool Graduate 4 1 5
Highschool Graduate 2 0 2
Total 191 153 344


TSKB abides by a human resources policy that is based on diversity and opportunity. TSKB acts in accordance with gender equality in compensation management as well as all human resources functions. Gender pay gap is constantly monitored on the basis of position and level of management.

2020 Year - Gender Salary Gap (Female/Male)

As of the end of 2020, the ratio of women's median salaries to the median salaries of men is 0.04 (Audited non-financial information).

Top Management 2.1%

Middle Management 0.5%

Other Bankers -2.1%


TSKB engages in an ongoing effort to ensure that it is in full compliance with the United Nations Global Compact and with the legal framework and laws and regulations governing human and labor rights in Turkey.

A set of rules governing employee and human rights went into effect with its approval by the TSKB Board of Directors on 30 November 2012 and is now an important component of TSKB Sustainability Policy & Handbook published by the bank.

Employee & Human Rights

TSKB seeks to provide a progressive, equal-opportunity workplace environment that is mindful of people’s rights and encourages participation. In order to safeguard the bank’s continuous development and advancement, it seeks to ensure the sustainability of working conditions that reward success, give importance to training, and encourage personal improvement and initiative-taking.

TSKB opposes any and all forms of both compulsory and child labor not just in Turkey but throughout the world. It supports initiatives that seek to combat such illegal practices.

Diversity and equality of opportunity are two important elements of TSKB’s human resources policy.

TSKB abides by a human resources policy that is rooted in diversity and equality of opportunity. The fact that more than half of TSKB’s total workforce is female and that a large number of women hold senior management positions at the bank is the most telling indication of the bank’s commitment to that policy.

Occupational Health and Safety

TSKB is a corporate citizen which recognizes the importance of its employees’ health and safety and which makes such issues integral to its human resources policies and practices.

In both its headquarters buildings in İstanbul and in its Ankara branch TSKB is mindful of being in full compliance with all occupational health & safety laws and regulations currently applicable in Turkey. In addition, the bank also abides by a policy that takes into account internationally accepted occupational health & safety practices as well. The bank’s physical conditions and technical infrastructure are regularly checked for compliance with occupational health & safety laws and regulations by Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Board.

OHS Board convenes under the chairmanship of Head of Support Services Department. Current information about activities related to health and safety issues is published on the bank’s corporate intranet.

Vision “Zero Accident”

TSKB deems persisting in zero accident approach at the workplace as a permanent corporate objective. Moreover, TSKB cooperates with professionals and organizations specializing in the fields of health and safety in order to ensure health and safety at the workplace without omission. Full text of TSKB’s Occupational Health and Safety Policy can be found at here.

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