TSKB Sustainability Management System

TSKB took a major step in the direction of sustainable banking when it set up its own environment management system in 2005. In 2012 the bank elevated the effectiveness of this system by converting it into a more comprehensive Sustainability Management System. The TSKB Sustainability Management System was approved by the bank’s Board of Directors in November 2012.

The TSKB Sustainability Management System was set up to achieve the following six objectives:

  • Systematically assess and manage environmental risks arising from the bank’s lending activities
  • Measure and systematically manage the internal environmental impact (electricity, water, natural gas, paper consumption; CO2 emissions, etc) caused by TSKB’s operational services
  • Develop the sustainable-banking aspects of TSKB’s products and services and support their use in renewable energy, energy efficiency, resource efficiency and environmental protection Project finance
  • Increase all TSKB employees’ and other stakeholders’ awareness of sustainability issues through ongoing communication and by encouraging active involvement in sustainability processes
  • Prepare and publish internationally compliant sustainability reports or integrated reports and make them accessible to all bank stakeholders at regular intervals; support stakeholders in their own efforts to abide by good sustainability practices
  • Periodically calculate TSKB’s carbon footprint as per the ISO 14064 standard and engage in efforts to neutralize the bank’s carbon footprint and conduct its banking operations on a carbon-neutral basis.

ISO 14001

Having launched the forerunner of its Sustainability Management System in 2005, TSKB also became the first bank in Turkey to be awarded ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification, which it received in 2006. In the years since then, the bank has successfully passed every ISO 14001 audit and maintained its certified status.

ISO 14064

ISO 14064 is a standard that governs human-origin greenhouse gas emissions into the earth’s atmosphere. As part of its efforts to combat the effects of climate change caused by resource use, production, and similar human activities, TSKB was audited and became the first bank in Turkey to qualify for IS0 14064-1 certification.

The TSKB Sustainability Management System

TSKB Sustainability Management System continuity is provided by the TSKB Sustainability Management System Team (SMST). This team has its origins in the TSKB Environment Management System that was set up in 2005. The team performed its duties as the TSKB Sustainability Management Team after the previous system’s conversion to the TSKB Sustainability Management System in 2012. The team was repositioned in Sustainability Sub – Committee structure as a Working Group in 2015. It is administered by the Working Group Responsible and reports directly to both Sustainability Sub - Committee and Sustainability Committee.

TSKB Sustainability Management System Organizational Chart

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