Gökhan Çanakpınar

Gökhan Çanakpınar was born in Ardahan in 1964 and graduated from the Department of Business Administration, Middle Eastern Techinal Universtiy. Mr. Çanakpınar began his professional career at İpekiş Mensucat as System Analyst in 1988.  After 1990, Mr. Çanakpınar served as Project Manager at Isbank for six years. In 1995, he started serving as System Analyst at TSKB and appointed as the Head of Application Development Department in 2000. Mr. Çanakpınar promoted to Director of Information Technology Unit in 2011. Since December 27, 2011 he has been working as an Executive Vice President. He is currently in charge of System and Network Support, Application Development, Support Services Departments. 

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