TSKB Proudly Celebrates June 5 – the World Environment Day…

Turkey’s environment-friendly bank TSKB, is continuing to work for a sustainable future…

Spearheading numerous breakthroughs in the banking sector during its 59 year history, TSKB (The Industrial Development Bank of Turkey) is continuing to protect its pioneering position by implementing environmental projects.

Being the first Turkish bank to receive the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificate, be awarded as “Sustainable Bank of The Year” in scope of the Financial Times’ Sustainable Banking Awards and be accepted for the United Nations Environment Program Financial Initiative (UNEP FI), TSKB is once again emphasizing its social responsibility approach to the environment with its successful initiative to offset its carbon emissions.

Believing that a more livable world is only possible through taking responsible steps in regards to environment and climate change, TSKB has made ‘environment and sustainable development’ a top priority since the 1980s.

TSKB is continuously working to “penetrate sustainable banking into the corporation’s and employees DNA.” In 2005 TSKB started the Environmental Management System with the participation of an Environment Management System Team. In the beginning of 2007 TSKB received the ISO 14001 Environment Management System Certificate, becoming the only Turkish bank achieving such a certificate.

TSKB, making an enormous effort to make sure that the projects financed by the bank do not harm the environment, has raised the number of investments in renwable energy to 71. With the largest number of “green” investments in Turkey, TSKB is pleased to announce that the energy generated in renewable energy projects financed by them has reached 2,250 MW. This equals 15% of Turkey’s total installed energy and 2% of its total generation capacity.

TSKB, the first Turkish Bank to become ‘Climate-Neutral’

Having taken its environmental banking approach to a new level in 2008, TSKB is taking initiative to decrease greenhouse gas emissions in order to reduce its carbon footprint. For this purpose, the Bank took measures to decrease power, natural gas, liquid fuel and water consumption in its buildings, decreasing its 2008 carbon dioxide emissions, i.e. its 2008 carbon footprint to 1,250 tons.

While 74% of this amount comes from the Bank’s internal power consumption, TSKB is committed to decreasing its power consumption by 7% in the upcoming 2 years. In addition, the Bank will meet all of its energy need from renewable-energy generating plants and is aiming to significantly decrease its greenhouse gas emissions.

Starting to offset the rest of their carbon footprint using the carbon credit it obtained from the Voluntary Carbon Market, TSKB has gained the title of “Turkey’s first bank to have eliminated its carbon footprint”.

Integrating its environmentalist approach with innovative banking products, TSKB offered its investors B-Type Clean Energy Fund with a 10% Guaranteed Return, a brand new product based on the Renewable Energy Index, International Energy Efficiency Index and International Waste Management Index, offered to the public in January 2009. Announcing, during public offering, its intention to use a part of the management fees it obtained from the Clean Energy Fund to compensate the 2008 individual footprint of fund investors, the Bank signed a Carbon Credit agreement for the ITC Solid Waste Management Project for this purpose once again accomplishing a novelty in Turkey through its social responsibility concept. During a ceremony held on June 1st 2009, 5-ton carbon credit certificates in this scope have been presented to investors whose carbon footprints have been compensated along with the booklets telling about how to decrease the carbon footprint in nine steps.

International honor for TSKB

TSKB’s sustainable development approach continues to receive positive feedback and appreciation on the international platform by having been awarded as “Sustainable Bank of the Year” in Eastern Europe in scope of the Financial Times’ Sustainable Banking Awards in 2008 and 2009.

Furthermore, in March 2009, the Bank was accepted to participate in the United Nation Environment Program Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), consisting of institutions and corporations caring about the environment and sustainable development. UNEP FI consists of over 170 financial institutions whose environment-friendly commitments have been documented. TSKB is currently the only Turkish bank having signed the initiative protokol.

We are all environmentalist from 7 to 70!

Making an effort to increase environmental awareness through the social responsibility projects it conducts, TSKB reached out to thousands through Turkey’s most comprehensive environment portal at www.cevreciyiz.com and continues to create a variety of platforms gathering parties interested in the environment by holding prestigious conferences and supporting other events.

Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma BankasıTurkey’s comprehensive environmental portal cevreciyiz.com is supported by TSKB.