TSKB has increased its Corporate Management Rating to 9.52

With its rating of 9.52 in the BIST Corporate Management Index, the Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB) has become the organisation with the second highest corporate management rating

The Corporate Management Awards, which have been organises for the sixth time this year by the Corporate Management Association of Turkey (TKYD), have found their winners within the scope of the International Corporate Management Summit. The TKYD, which took into account the ratings of the organisations in the Corporate Management Index of Borsa Istanbul (BIST), as of 31 December 2015, deemed the Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB) worthy of the award for the ‘Organisation with the 2nd Highest Corporate Management Rating’.

TSKB, which has adopted a just, transparent, responsible and accountable corporate management approach, had increased its corporate management rating to 9.44 in 2014, and displayed the success of increasing its rating to 9.52 in 2015. TSKB, which has been amongst the organisations with the highest corporate management rating since it was included in the BIST Corporate Management Index in 2009, preserved its position in the top three organisations with the rating it achieved.

Ömer Eryılmaz: Corporate Management is the Most Important Axis of Sustainability

TSKB Executive Vice-President Ömer Eryılmaz, who said that there is an ingrained culture of transparency and corporate management at TSKB, stated that they were happy to have been deemed worthy of the award. Ömer Eryılmaz said, “As a bank with a mission to support the investments directed at the development of the country, we believe that the corporate management approach is among the most important axes of sustainability. Therefore, complete compliance with the principles of corporate management, and maintaining and developing a just, transparent, accountable and responsible management culture, are among our priorities. We believe that we have proven our determination on this subject through the high corporate management ratings we have achieved since 2009, when we became included in the BIST Corporate Management Index. On the other hand, the fact that we are verifying the positive results of the support we provide sustainable investments with our share values which are growing stronger and our reputation which is rising on a daily basis before both creditors and investors, ensures that we look to the future with confidence.”

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