TSKB CEO Ece Börü Ranks 4th in "Sustainability Leaders 50" List

TSKB has integrated into its entire banking model the sustainability principles in its economic, environmental and social axes, and launched numerous relevant, innovative practices. Now, TSKB CEO Ece Börü, has ranked 4th in the "Sustainability Leaders 50" list, which is issued by Fast Company Magazine for the first time in Turkey.

Fast Company Magazine has recently announced its "Sustainability Leaders 50" List. The list marks the first in Turkey and is established by a jury of 32 valuable figures from the private sector, academia and NGOs. Following the application of selection criteria such as the projects conducted, the results obtained and the future plans, TSKB CEO Ece Börü ranked 4th in the Sustainability Leaders list. For 70 years, TSKB has been working for Turkey's sustainable development and has strong cooperation with development finance institutions. The Bank has also established the first sustainability system in the Turkish financial sector. TSKB has been delivering carbon-neutral banking services for over 10 years. The share of sustainability loans such as clean energy, energy and resource efficiency, and women's employment in TSKB's portfolio is 74 per cent, a factor that differentiates the Bank. Furthermore, TSKB issued the first sustainable bond in Turkey and in the region and has extensive expertise in the field of sustainable finance. Sustainalytics has declared TSKB as the bank with the best “ESG” rating in Turkey and the 6th globally. Ece Börü is the first female CEO at TSKB, which has been publishing its sustainability and integrated reports since 2009. Börü also leads the Bank's Sustainability Committee. In January 2020, Ece Börü was included in "Asia's Top Sustainability Superwomen 2020" honor list by CSR Works International, which focuses on female leaders in the field of sustainability. Börü has been named among 13 female leaders who create value for a sustainable future.

TSKB CEO Ece Börü stated that she was truly happy to be included in "Turkey's Sustainability Leaders 50" list declared by Fast Company Magazine via a distinguished jury. "We know that an effective cooperation among the business world, regulatory authorities, academia and the civil society organizations is the only possible way to attain the inclusive growth targets, which focus on combating climate change and climate risks, transition to low carbon economy and equal opportunities. Moreover, media outlets are among our key stakeholders in terms of their ability to raise sustainability awareness among large masses. I would like to express my gratitude to the Fast Company family and valuable jury members, who have been drawing attention to the value created in this field through the list of Sustainability Leaders. I congratulate all the leaders on the list and the institutions they represent for their exemplary practices. I sincerely wish that our sustainability leaders increase every year and that the positive social impact we will create for a more livable world by working together will grow exponentially.”

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