Decision of the Board of Directors for Capital Increase | 28/02/2014


Decision of the Board of Directors for Capital Increase

Date of Board Decision 28.02.2014
Available Capital (TL) 1.300.000.000,000
Targeted Capital (TL) 1.500.000.000,000
Share Group Information Available Capital (TL) Amount for Bonus Share from Profit Share (TL) Percentage of Bonus Share from Profit Share (%) Movables Group to Give
TSKB(Former),TRATSKBW91N0 1.300.000.000,000 200.000.000,000 15,38461 ---

Our Bank’s Board of Directors, at its Meeting held on 28.02.2014, has resolved as follows,
"Bank’s paid-in capital shall be increased from 1.300.000.000 TL to 1.500.000.000 TL, with in the upper limit of 2.500.000.000 TL. The increase shall be met by 2013 profit and distributed to shareholders as bonus shares in accordance with the decision of General Assembly. The general management is authorized for the realization of relevant application and capital increase procedures and all actions and transactions required by the regulations.” verilmesine" karar verilmiştir.

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