Public Disclosure | 03/03/2014


About update of Corporate Governance Rating of the Bank

In the meeting of the Capital Market Board (Board) at the date of 01.02.2013 with ref. no. 4/105, it was decided that;

- the weights that would be used for Corporate Governance Rating will be mainly 25 % for “Shareholder”, 25 % for “Public Disclosure and Transparency”, 15 % for “Stakeholders”, and 35 % for “Board of Directors”,

- If minimum requirements of the Corporate Governance principles are fulfilled, maximum 85 % of the full score can be given for that particular item/principle and while grading the compliance of the customer with the corporate governance principles, if the related minimum requirement is not stated and the customer’s practices are above the minimum requirements, the grade for that particular requirement can approximate to the full score according to the characteristic of the fine corporate governance practice.

With in this framework, Saha Corporate Governance and Credit Rating Services Inc., has revised its TSKB (Turkish Industrial Development Bank) corporate governance rating score for year 2013 as follows:

Sub Categories / Weight / Grade:

Shareholders: / %25 / 92,28

Public Disclosure and Transparency: / %25 / 92,16

Stakeholders: / %15 / 94,16

Board of Directors: / %35 / 86,76

Total: / %100 / 90,60

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