Capital Market Board Application Result | 09/05/2014


Obtaining CMB Approval for Capital Increase

CMB Application Result Approval
Available Capital (TL) 1.300.000.000,000
Targeted Capital (TL) 1.500.000.000,000
CMB (SPK) Approval 06.05.2014
Share Group Information Available Capital (TL) Amount for Bonus Share from Dividend (TL) Percentage of Bonus Share from Dividend (%)
TSKB(Former),TRATSKBW91N0 1.300.000.000,000 200.000.000,000 15,38461

The Issue Document for the shares to be issued, amounting to 200.000.000 TL with regard to increasing the Bank’s capital from 1.300.000.000 TL to 1.500.000.000 was approved by the resolution of the Capital Market Board, dated 06.05.2014 and with ref. no. 14/438. The Issue Document is attached.

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