Bonus Share Distribution Date | 09/05/2014


Bonus Share Distribution Date

Available Capital (TL) 1.300.000.000,000
Targeted Capital (TL) 1.500.000.000,000
Share Group Information Available Capital (TL) Amount for Bonus Share from Dividend (TL) Percentage of Bonus Share from Dividend (%) Stocks To Be Given
TSKB(Former),TRATSKBW91N0 1.300.000.000,000 200.000.000,000 15,38461 TSKB(Former),TRATSKBW91N0
Start Date for Use of Bonus Share Right 14.05.2014
Type of Shares Representing Increased Capital Deposit Share

The Bank will start to distribute bonus shares to the shareholders within the framework of capital increase at the date of 14 May 2014.

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