Public Disclosure | 29/05/2014


About Investor Relations Department and Corporate Governance Committee

In the Board of Directors Meeting of the Bank at the date of 29.05.2014, it was decided that

1- Mr. Ömer Eryılmaz, Assistant General Manager Responsible for the Financial Control and Planning and Investor Relations Departments was elected to the management of the Investor Relations Department that was restructured in accordance with Article 11 of the Corporate Governance Declaration (II-17.1)

2- The Corporate Governance Committee Regulations which was updated in accordance with the Corporate Governance Declaration (II-17.1) would take effect as stated in the appendix,

3- The Board of Directors Member Mr. Sn. Kemal Serdar Dişli and Assistant General Manager Mr. Ömer Eryılmaz who was appointed as the Investor Relations Department Director would be appointed as the Corporate Governance Committee Member

The aforesaid regulations that include employees working in the Corporate Governance Committee and working principles are presented to the public attention at the website of our bank at

Moreover; Ms. Ayşe Nazlıca and Ms. Özlem Bağdatlı were appointed for the operations carried out by the Planning and Investor Relations Department of the Investor Relations Directorate and Department of Legal Affairs in accordance with the Article 11(2) of the Corporate Governance Declaration (II-17.1). The contact information of the said people is as follows:

Ömer ERYILMAZ 0(212)3345180

Ayşe NAZLICA 0(212)3345194

Özlem BAĞDATLI 0(212)3345093

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