Public Disclosure | 02/04/2010


About resignation of a Member of Board of Directors and appointment of a new one.

  1. Mr. Kadir AKGÖZ, the Member of Board of Directors of our Bank, has resigned from his office as of 02.04.2004.
  2. Our Bank’s Board of Directors has resolved in its meeting held on 02.04.2010 as follows: “Mr. Uygar Şafak ÖĞÜN and Mr. Murat VULKAN are assigned to the vacant two Membership positions in the Board of Directors, within the frame of 315th Article of Turkish Trade Law.”

We declare that our foregoing disclosures are in accordance with the principals contained in the Capital Markets Board’s Notification, numbered Serial: VIII, No: 54, and it reflects all information we have received on this matter/these matters and that such information is corresponding to our books, records and documents and we have made all possible effort in order to obtain information on this matter accurately and completely and that we take the full responsibility of these disclosures.

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