Public Disclosure | 03/05/2010


About the public offering process of Aksa Enerji Üretimi A.Ş.

Aksa Enerji Üretim A.Ş. is in a public offering process during which we serve as the global co-coordinator and domestic consortium leader; and the price range of its shares for which demand will be collected, is set as 4.90 TL/share – 7.20 TL/share. The Company’s paid-in capital will be increased up to 636.000.000TL from 550.000.000TL by restricting preferential rights of the partners. 12.900.000 shares corresponding to 15% of 86.000.000 shares increased and publicly offered will be sold to the investors from the account of Kazancı Holding A.Ş., the majority shareholder, if a high demand is received; and the fund to be generated by such public offering will be used in price stability transactions for 30 days pursuant to the provisions of the Markets Board’s Notification, numbered Serial: I, No: 40. Scale of the public offering is expected to be 13,52% if the additional sale right is used or 15,55% if the additional sale right is not used. In the public offering, the balance will be sold by partial underwriting method. Of the shares to be sold, 70% are reserved for out of the country sale and 30% for domestic sale. Credit Suisse, the other global co-leader is the overseas consortium leader; and Yatırım Finansman Menkul Değerler A.Ş., our associated partner, contributes to the process as the overseas consortium member. Today, the institutions nominated to the consortium are informed of the price range; and the brokerage underwriting agreement is intended to be signed on 04 May 2010. Demands are planned to be collected on 13-14 May 2010, provided that shares representing the company’s capital are registered by the Capital Market Board.

We declare that our foregoing disclosures are in accordance with the principals contained in the Capital Markets Board’s Notification, numbered Serial: VIII, No: 54, and it reflects all information we have received on this matter/these matters and that such information is corresponding to our books, records and documents and we have made all possible effort in order to obtain information on this matter accurately and completely and that we take the full responsibility of these disclosures.

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