Public Disclosure | 17/05/2010


About the public offering of Aksa Enerji Üretimi A.Ş.

Size of the offering in Aksa Enerji Üretimi A.Ş.’s public offering conducted under the leadership of our Bank has been decreased. In the scope of new public offering, the capital increase shall correspond to 27.500.000.-TL par value stock and furthermore 4.100.000.-TL par value stock shall be offered to the investors through sales of partner. The fund obtained from sales of partner shall be used for price stabilizing operations in accordance with the Capital Markets Board’s Notification, numbered Serial: I, No: 40. Public offering price of each share is determined as 4,90 TL. Amendments those should be made in the explanation note have been submitted to the Capital Markets Board for its approval. Domestic exchange transactions shall be carried out on 18.May.2010 Tuesday and overseas exchange transactions shall be carried out on 20.May.2010 Wednesday and shares shall be transacted on 21.May.2010 Friday.

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