Resolutions of the Ordinary General Meeting | 25/03/2011


Resolutions of the Ordinary General Meeting on the 2010 Activity Period.

Type of the General Meeting



Relevant Accounting Period (if it is an Ordinary General Meeting)

: 01.01.2010-31.12.2010

Date of the General Meeting




Resolutions passed in our Bank’s Ordinary General Meeting held on March 25, 2011 are provided hereinafter:

  1. Elections for the Executive Board have been concluded and it has been resolved to furnish the Executive Board with authority to sign the Minutes of the Ordinary General Meeting.
  2. Reports of the Board of Directors, Auditors and Independent Auditing Firm have been read, discussed and approved.
  3. Pursuant to Turkish Trade Code, Article 315 and our Principal Agreement, Article 16; appointments of new members in the place of members leaving throughout the year their Membership position in the Board of Directors have been approved.
  4. The Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement for the year of 2010 have been approved.
  5. Regarding distribution of the profit; it has been resolved that Net Profit of the year of 2010 in the amount of 211.628.987,30.- TL shall be reserved and distributed in accordance with our Principal Agreement, Article 55; that, out of the total of first and second profit shares in the amount of 142.000.000.- TL, gross 42.000.000.-TL, which is equivalent to 6% of the paid-in capital, shall be distributed in cash to the shareholders and 100.000.000.- TL which is equivalent to 14,29% of the paid-in capital shall be distributed as bonus shares so as to increase our Bank’s capital to 800.000.000.- TL from 700.000.000.-TL; and that, for the year of 2010, dividend in the form of non-paid up record share in the amount of 100.000.000.- TL shall be distributed after the said shares would be recorded by the Capital Market Board and cash dividend in the amount of 42.000.000.- TL shall be distributed starting from 31.03.2011.
  6. The Board of Directors and Auditors have been discharged one by one for the transactions and accounts of the year of 2010.
  7. Mr. Volkan KUBLAY and Mrs. Hamide Esma Uygun ÇELİKTEN have been appointed as the auditors of the year of 2011.
  8. It has been resolved to pay monthly net annuity in the amount of 4.125.- TL to the Members of the Board of Directors and Auditors.
  9. The General Board has been informed about our Bank’s Public Disclosure Policy which is initially set out on 16.03.2006 and finally revised on 28.02.2011 in accordance with the Corporate Governance Principals of the Capital Market Board and Ethical Banking Principals published by the Banks Association of Türkiye on July 29, 2006 and revised on June 25, 2010 and September 15, 2010 and accepted as its revised version by our Bank on 28.02.2011.
  10. The General Board has been informed about the donations granted throughout 2010.
  11. Members of the Board of Directors have been furnished with power for the operations provided in the Turkesh Trade Code, Articles 334 and 335.

Please find enclosed herewith the Minutes of the General Meeting, List of Attendants and Profit Distribution Statement.

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