Disclosure Regarding the Warrants | 26/08/2011


Notification About Redemption of TSKB Warrants.

“Our declaration on the Public Disclosure Platform on August 26th 2011 at 17:41:49 hours was as follows:

The amount to be paid to the warrant holders by the Central Registry Agency (“CRA”) on September 06th 2011 has been informed by mistake as 0.1288 TL gross/per warrant (before the CRA fee is deducted). The correct notification is enclosed herewith.

Regarding the U.S.D.-Turkish Lira backed intermediary institution warrants, issued by Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bankası A.Ş., maturity date of which is August 26th 2001, the underlying indicator consensus value at the maturity date are provided hereinafter:

Short code Underlying Indicator Consensus Value at the Maturity Date
USTAA 1.7538
USTPP 1.7538

In view of that, holders of the warrants with the short code of USTAA (Long Code: “USDC260811016250TSK001100NA T.SINAİ KALKINMA BANK.”) will receive (before the CRA fee is deducted) gross payment of 12.88 TL / per warrant from CRA on September 06th 2011. If warrants would be subject to any conversion, one in ten thousand of the amount paid at he end of cash consensus will be paid by the investor to CRA as Cash Payment Services Charge.

The warrants with short code of USTPP (Long Code: “USDP260811016250TSK001100NA T.SINAİ KALKINMA BANK.”) have been paid off without being subject to any conversion.

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