Public Disclosure | 27/12/2011


Increase of the Upper Limit of the Registered Capital and Amendment of the Articles of Association.

Our Bank’s Board of Directors has resolved in its Meeting held on December 27th 2011 as follows:

“Under the light of Resolutions and Regulations of the Capital Market Board and our Bank’s targets and projections and also taking into consideration the capital increase decided to be actualized, Our Bank’s registered capital amounting to TL will exceed the Upper Limit of its Registered Capital which is amounting to TL in the year of 2012; the upper limit of our Bank’s registered capital has been resolved to be 2.500.000.000.-TL and accordingly for amendment of our Articles of Association, 5th Article with the title of “Capital”, an application shall be made to the Capital Market Board, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) and Ministry of Industry and Trade for amendment of our Articles of Association pursuant to the draft amendment enclosed herewith and the General Directorate shall be authorized for performance of the necessary amendments those are resolved.”

Regarding the relevant article of our Bank’s Articles of Association, please find “the former” and “the amended” versions enclosed herewith.

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