Disclosure for CMB’s Registration/Approval | 04/06/2012


About being registered by the Board due to Capital Increase.

The Upper Limit of the Current Registered Capital (TL) : 2500000000
Paid in / Issued Capital before the Capital Increase (TL) : 800000000
Paid in / Issued Capital after the Capital Increase (TL) : 1100000000
Amount of Capital Increase (TL) : 300000000
Through Rights Issue (TL) : 0
Through Rights Issue (%) : 0
Through Bonus Issue (TL) : 300000000
Through Bonus Issue (%) : 37,500
Amount of Capital Decrease (TL) : 0
Ratio of Capital Decrease (%) : 0
Date of Registration/Approval : 31/05/2012

Shares with 300.000.000 T.L. nominal value which will be issued on account of the capital increase, within the upper limit of the Bank’s registered capital of 2.500.000.000.-TL, from 800.000.000.-TL to as founding 137.000.000.- T.L. from the profit of 2011 and 163.000.000.-T.L. from contingencies reserve has been approved and registered by the Capital Market Board.

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