Date of Commencement to Exercise the Right to Receive the Bonus Issue | 05/06/2012


Announcement of Share Distribution for the Capital Increase through Bonus Issue.

The Upper Limit of the Current Registered Capital (TL) : 2500000000
Paid in / Issued Capital before the Capital Increase (TL) : 800000000
Paid in / Issued Capital after the Capital Increase (TL) : 1100000000
Amount of Capital Increase through Bonus Issue (TL) : 300000000
Amount of Capital Increase through Indigenous Resources (TL) : 163000000
Amount of Capital Increase through Dividends (TL) : 137000000
Ratio of Capital Increase through Bonus Issue (%) : 37,500
First Date to Exercise the Bonus Share Right : 11/06/2012
From which Accounting Period the Shares Issued to Represent the Increased Capital will benefit? : 2012

By the Capital Market Board’s Notification, dated 31.05.2012 and numbered B.02.6.SPK.0.13.00-; our request for a certificate evidencing registration of the entrance into the Board’s records of the shares of 300.000.000 T.L. nominal value which will be issued on account of the capital increase, within the upper limit of the Bank’s registered capital of 2.500.000.000.-TL, from 800.000.000.-TL to as founding 137.000.000.- T.L. from the profit of 2011 and 163.000.000.-T.L. from contingencies reserve, and the completion of the capital increase has been approved.

As of 11.06.2012, an application for registration is filed to the Istanbul Trade Registry, submitting the “Certificate of Completion of Capital Increase realized by Incorporated Companies Subject to Registered Capital System” dated 28.05.2012 and numbered 44/585 issued consequently by the Capital Market Board and its supplement, the Resolution of the Board of Directors.

Our shareholders are entitled to receive 37,50% new bonus share and book-entry bonus shares shall be transferred to Central Registry Agency Inc. Co. starting from 11.06.2012 to be deposited in deposit accounts. Our shareholders, who would not registered their shares and hold them on their hands, shall be entitled to use the right of receiving bonus shares after they registered their shares at Central Registry Agency Inc. Co.”

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