Disclosure Regarding the Warrants | 05/07/2012


Notice for Amortization of TSKB Warrants

Explanation of the Material Disclosure/Disclosures:

The term-end reconciled indicator values of broker warrants based on US Dollar-Turkish Lira currency exchange rates, with maturity as 05 July 2012, issued by Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bankası A.Ş are as indicated in the table below:

Short Code Term-End Reconciled Indicator Values
USTAC 1.8095
USTPS 1.8095

Therefore, the warrant holders with USTPS short code (Long Code " USDP0507120001.83TSK001:100NA T.SINAİ KALKINMA BANK.") shall receive a gross payment of 2.05 TL (before the MKK fee) for each warrant on 10 July 2012 from MKK. If the warrants are subject to conversion, 0.1 per mile of the amount paid as a result of cash reconciliation by the investor shall be paid to MKK as Cash Payment Service fee.

The USTAC short-code (Uzun Kod: " USDC0507120001.83TSK001:100NA T.SINAİ KALKINMA BANK.") warrants have been amortized without any conversion.

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