Public Disclosure | 21/10/2013


About update of Corporate Governance Rating of the Bank

The Corporate Governance Rating of our Bank which was announced with our material disclosure dated 18.10.2012 was raised, upon examination conducted by the Saha Corporate Governance and Credit Rating Services Inc., from 91,09 (9,11 out of 10) to 94,03 (9,40 out of 10).

Our corporate governance rating was determined according to four categories (Share Holders, Public Disclosure and Transparency, Stakeholders, Board of Directors) weighted within the framework of the Capital Market Board’s decision about the subject and the updated ratings in terms of categories are as follows:

Sub Categories Weight Rating :

Shareholders: %25 88,65

Public Disclosure and Transparency: %25 97,08

Stakeholders: /%15 95,44

YBoard of Directors: %35 95,08

Total: %100 94,03

You can reach the report of corporate governance rating that was prepared by Saha Corporate Governance and Credit Rating Services Inc. at the website of our bank at

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