Bank’s Rating Regarding Compliance to Corporate Governance Principles | 20/10/2014


About update of Corporate Governance Rating of the Bank

As a result of Saha Kurumsal Yönetim ve Kredi Derecelendirme Hizmetleri A.Ş.'s assessment, which is an authorized rating agency operating under the license of Capital Markets Board of Turkey, the Bank's Corporate Governance Rating is revised to 94.43% (9.44 over 10) as of 20 October 2014.

The Bank's overall Corporate Governance Rating is determined, in compliance with the directive of Capital Market Board, under the weighted sub sections (Shareholders, Public Disclosure and Transparency, Stakeholders, Board of Directors). The overall Corporate Governance Rating and sub section ratings are revised as below:

Sub Sections    / Weights  / Rating:
Shareholders:    / %25   / 94,63
Public Disclosure and Transparency:  / %25   / 95,81
Stakeholders:    / %15   / 97,32
Board of Directors:   / %35   / 92,05
Total:    /%100   / 94,43

Corporate Governance Rating Report prepared by SAHA Kurumsal Yönetim ve Kredi Derecelendirme Hizmetleri A.Ş. is accessable on the Bank's web site

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