Public Disclosure | 24/07/2015


Announcement pursuant to Article 23/(7) of CMB’s Communique on Material Events Disclosure

The tax penalty notifications to our Bank and the lawsuits which have been filed for the cancellation of such tax penalties by our Bank were announced with previous public disclosures dated 01.06.2015, 01.04.2015, 02.02.2015, 04.12.2014, 31.07.2014, 21.05.2014, 21.03.2013 and 25.02.2013. The Council of State has rejected our appeal requests in some of the mentioned lawsuits while some of the lawsuits are still pending before the Council of State's appeal review. Our bank will 'apply for the revision of the Council of States such decisions. The mentioned development is not expected to have any impact on the  financial results of the Bank. Any material progress that may occur will be disclosed on the Public Disclosure Platform.

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