Public Disclosure | 24/03/2016


About Board of Directors and CEO Change

In our Bank's Board of Directors Meeting dated 24.03.2016; it has been resolved that,

1- Due to our Board Member and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Özcan Türkakın's retirement from his duty effective as of 31.03.2016, Mr. Suat İnce shall be elected as the Board Member pursuant to Article 363 of the Turkish Commercial Code as of 01.04.2016 to replace Mr. Özcan Türkakın and Mr. Suat İnce shall be appointed as the Chief Executive Officer following the fulfillment of the required legal procedures and approvals,

2- Mr. Adnan Bali shall be reelected as the Chairman of the Board and Mr. Kemal Serdar Dişli shall be reelected as the Vice Chairman of the Board pursuant to our Articles of Association.

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