Project Management Advisory

PPP (Public-Private Partnership) Project Advisory

Within the framework of our PPP Project Advisory service, we provide technical Advisory services to public or private companies in PPP Projects. Our advisory covers the strategic and technical review and evaluation process of the developed PPP projects.

In addition to technical and strategic evaluation of projects, we support the public sector in the preparation of the specifications and data room and in the tender stages. On the other hand, we also provide services to private sector companies for the technical evaluation of the tender participation decision process and in the follow up of the tender process on behalf of the company.

In the PPP project tenders developed by the public sector and which are planned to be carried out for the benefit of the public, we ensure that the process of identifying private sector companies with the right qualifications is carried out within the targeted schedule. For private sector companies, we aim to reveal the risks and opportunities in the tender at the beginning of the tender process, while determining any uncertainties during the tender process and ensuring that they are resolved by negotiating with the tenderer.

Project Management

With our Project Management Advisory service, we provide project management services for companies which lack the technical staff or time required for project management. We contribute to the completion of the projects of the companies within the targeted time, within the targeted cost and specified quality, with a successful stakeholder management approach.

Our advisory services in this field include identifying stakeholders in industrial and construction projects, defining project requirements and their scope, the determination of work packages and work schedule, creating a budget through cost calculation, and customer's representation, coordination of the project stakeholders and the management of processes at all stages from the inception of the project and extending until its delivery.

Within the scope of this service, we aim to complete the project in a timely manner within the framework of the predicted cost and quality specified.

Cost Management

Within the framework of our Cost Management Advisory service, we provide comprehensive project follow-up services to realize projects within the budget limits set out during the implementation of the projects in all sectors.

We initiate the project with the determination of the budget, conduct market research for the selection of the contractor and materials and collect the proposals. We monitor and manage the predicted and actual costs and deviations during the project on behalf of the company.

In particular, we guide those companies which do not have technical staff to follow up the project, for the management of the project budget and actual cost items.

Lenders' Technical Advisory (LTA)

With our Lenders’ Technical Advisory (LTA) service, we aim to ensure banks can clearly see the technical and commercial risks of the projects that they plan to finance through project financing, both in the investment and operational phases.

In addition to performing the financial analysis of the companies, we aim to ensure a better analysis of the issues that are within the technical scope of the projects, and aim to ensure banks can foresee the risks and take a position accordingly.

Within the scope of the technical evaluation of the project, we analyze the investment amount, time schedule, possible technical risks, permit - license processes, local and international legislation and other technical specifications, and assess their suitability.

In addition, we audit the current progress and risk level of the project by generating financial and physical progress reports at regular intervals throughout the investment and operation phases of the projects.

Value Engineering

With our Value Engineering service, we aim to generate key ideas that will create high added value at low cost during the design phase of the projects. By examining the cost item, which also increases the value of the project, we help create design ideas that can perform the same function at a lower cost.

We ensure that the primary and secondary functions of the projects are defined in accordance with the expectations of their current stakeholders and that the functional characteristics of the projects are enhanced by identifying design(s) which go beyond the usual standards.

With this service, we aim to provide an advisory service to project sponsors which will bring cost and time savings in accordance with the expectations of all project stakeholders.

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