TSKB Sustainability Policy


As the pioneer of sustainable banking in Turkey, Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bankası AŞ (TSKB) seeks to support the country’s sustainable growth and development by defining the economic, environmental, and social aspects of sustainability. To this end it has formulated a Sustainability Policy that sets forth the fundamental principles that inform TSKB’s activities.


This policy applies to all activities taking place at TSKB’s headquarters and branch units.


  • Attention is given to the environmental and social consequences of the Bank’s activities and operations.
  • In recognition of the far-reaching impact that climate change has on economic and social wellbeing and on economic growth, TSKB seeks to play an active role in the transition to a low-carbon economy and to make use of existing and new forms of credit in order to respond to social demands concerning sustainability issues.
  • A workplace environment is created and maintained in which human rights are respected, social justice and employee rights are constantly improved, and consciousness is created and awareness is increased among all stakeholders so that such attitudes are adopted by them.
  • All forms of discrimination which, contrary to the principle of equality of opportunity, distinguish among, exclude, or single out individuals on the basis of their gender, religious beliefs, political attitudes, race, or cultural or social background are rejected. Workforce diversity is recognized as an essential component of the Bank’s intellectual capital.
  • The increased participation of women in the workforce and in economic activity is supported as a way of maintaining sustainable growth, of raising educational levels, and of reducing poverty. The Bank’s customers and suppliers are also expected to be mindful of gender equality.
  • All value that is created and accumulated is apportioned fairly among shareholders, customers, employees, and other stakeholders.
  • As per the TSKB Remuneration Policy, compensation and incentive practices are supported which take ethical values, strategic objectives, and employees’ contributions to success into account, which embrace a culture of collaborative effort, and which are fair.
  • Training is provided to qualified human resources in all managerial and specialist positions at every level both taking the principle of equality of opportunity into account and so as to support the realization of TSKB’s goal of being a globally competitive bank.
  • Bribery and corruption will not be condoned under any circumstances. When applicable concerning such matters, action will be taken as called for in TSKB’s Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy.
  • TSKB works closely with its suppliers in order to manage the environmental and social impact of its supply chain operations. Suppliers are supported in their efforts to improve their own environmental and social sustainability performance. Such matters will be dealt with as called for in TSKB’s Sustainable Procurements Management Policy.
  • Medium- and long-term strategies are formulated in such a way as to take the rights and interests of all stakeholders and the public good into account.
  • Sustainability-related practices are continuously improved and those for whom they are matters of concern are kept regularly informed about them.
  • TSKB’s Environmental & Social Impact Policy, Human Rights Policy, Occupational Health & Safety Policy, Sustainable Procurements Management Policy, Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy, Charitable Donations & Assistance Policy, and other policies addressing social, environmental, and corporate governance issues are all complementary elements of this Sustainability Policy.
  • TSKB Sustainability Committee has been set up at the senior management level and charged with overseeing the implementation of sustainability practices at the Bank.


This policy goes into effect as of the date on which it is approved by the Board of Directors.

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