TSKB to Offer Foreign Exchange Warrant in Turkey

TSKB represents another innovative product for investors. TSKB will offer Foreign Exchange Warrant of Turkey.

The Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB), the first private investment and development bank of Turkey, is offering ‘Foreign Exchange Warrants’ to the public. Foreign Exchange Warrants will be traded at Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE). Foreign Exchange Warrants are new products for Turkish Capital Markets. In this regard, TSKB continues to launch new products to the local capital markets.

Foreign Exchange Warrants enable all Foreign Exchange Investors, as well as those looking for high leverage, to trade under ISE authority in a transparent and liquid market. Warrants are securitized options; therefore they are traded in organized exchanges. TSKB Foreign Exchange Warrants give the holder the right to buy or sell the currency at a predetermined price at the expiry date. The investors can sell their warrants before the expiry or alternatively do cash settlement of the warrant at the expiry date.

TSKB Foreign Exchange Warrants will be traded on the ISE Collective Products Market and YF Securities will be the market maker.

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