Resolutions of the General Meeting | 25/03/2010


This is the announcement of the results of the Ordinary General Meeting held on 25.03.2010 for the activity period of 2009.

Date of the Material Disclosure Made Previously on this Matter: 26.02.2010

Type of the General Meeting : Ordinary
The relevant Accounting Period, if it will be an Ordinary General Meeting : 01.01.2009-31.12.2009
Date of the General Meeting : 25/03/2010

Minutes of the General Meeting, List of the Attendants and Profit Distribution Table are provided as attachment.

  1. Following the opening made by Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Hakkı Ersin Özince, the Presidency of the Public Sitting was assumed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors
  2. In accordance with the second article of the agenda, Board of Directors’, Auditors’ and Independent Auditors Reports concerning 2009 accounts and transactions started being discussed
  3. It is passed on to Article 3 of the Agenda which was the balance sheet and profit/loss statements as of 31.12.2009, as the assembly were informed of the said balance sheet and profits and loss statements
  4. In accordance with Article 4 of the Agenda, the profit distribution proposal by the Board of Directors comprising the split up and distribution of the 2009 net profit amount of 174.887.526.- TL. To start the distribution of the year 2009’s dividends amounting to 85.000.000.- TL as unpaid book-entry shares after the said shares have been registered by the Capital Markets Board and the distribution of cash dividends amounting to 30.000.000.-TL starting May 3rd, 2010;
  5. In accordance with the Article 5 of the Agenda, members of Board of Directors and Auditors were discharged individually.
  6. In accordance with the Article 6 of the Agenda, it is passed on to the election of the Auditors. Following the proposed motion, pursuant to Bank’s articles of association article 30, the election of Mrs. Zeynep Hansu Ucar holding a Notary Certified Statement and Mr. Mete Uluyurt who was present in the meeting and declare his candidacy orally,
  7. In accordance with the with the Article 7of the Agenda,it is passed on the election of the Independent Auditing Company. For recieving independent auditting service from Akis Bağımsız Denetim ve Serbest Muhasebeci Mali Müşavirlik A.Ş., which was specified by Board of Directors, for the years 2010-2012
  8. In accordance with the Article 8 of the Agenda, our Bank’s Members of the Board of Directors and the Auditors monthly allowances was determined to be net 3.650.-TL
  9. In accordance with the Article 9 of the Agenda,the proposed motion was read. Our Bank’s Disclosure Policy announced on March 16th 2006 and revised on September 30th 2009 pursuant to Capital Markets Board Corporate Governance Principles was in the annual report before and was announced in our Bank’s web-site,
  10. In accordance with the Article 10 of the Agenda, the shareholders were informed that total of 37.949,00 TL was donated to Bank and Trade Institute, educational aids like scholarship and etc. and social foundations ın 2009
  11. In accordance with the Article 11 of the Agenda, Members of the Board of Directors are allowed to act in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code Articles 334 and 335 unanimously.

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