Public Disclosure | 19/10/2010


About updating our Bank’s Corporate Governance Rating

Our Bank’s corporate governance rating announced to the public through the special case announcement, dated 20.10.2009, has been raised from 8,77 (87,69%) to 8,92 (89,15%) out of 10 as the result of reevaluation made by SAHA Corporate Governance and Credit Rating Services Inc. Co.,.

Our Corporate Governance Rating has been determined as the result of the evaluation made under four main topics (the Shareholders, Disclosure and Transparency, the Stakeholders, the Board of Directors) all of which have been weighted individually within the frame of the relevant principle resolution of the Capital Market Board. In respect to the main topics, distribution of our updated Corporate Governance Rating is provided hereunder:

Sub Categories Weight 2009 2010
Shareholders 0,25 8,55 8,77
Disclosure and Transparency 0,35 9,31 9,36
Stakeholders 0,15 9,57 9,57
Board of Directors 0,25 7,76 8,05
Total 1,00 8,77 8,92

The report on corporate governance rating prepared by SAHA Corporate Governance and Credit Rating Services Inc. Co. is available in our Bank’s web site (

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