Cengiz Yavilioğlu

Board Member

Cengiz Yavilioğlu, Economist Dr., holds a degree in Public Administration from Istanbul University. Mr. Yavilioğlu completed his master's degree in International Finance at Istanbul University and his doctoral studies in International Economics at Cumhuriyet University. He worked as a Research Assistant at Cumhuriyet University Department of Economics, later as Visiting Professor at The Turkish National Police Academy Faculty of Security Sciences, and as Deputy Chairman of Trustees at Rauf Denktaş University. Mr. Yavilioğlu worked as the Head of the Finance and Fund Management Department at the Privatization Administration. He also served as Chairman and/or Board Member at the following companies: the Black Sea Copper Enterprises AŞ, Turkey Maritime Organization AŞ, TEDAŞ Meram Electricity Distribution AŞ, TEDAŞ Çamlıbel Electricity Distribution AŞ, Ankara Doğal Electricity Generation and Trade AŞ, TÜPRAŞ and Turkey Sugar Factories AŞ. He was elected as the 24th term AK Party Erzurum deputy. He served as the Deputy Chairman in charge of Economic Affairs in Justice and Development Party, a Member of the Plan and Budget Committee of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, and as a Member of the Coups and Memoranda Research Committee. He also worked as the Deputy Minister of Finance in the 64th and 65th Governments. He has been appointed as the Deputy Minister of Treasury and Finance on January 30, 2021. Cengiz Yavilioğlu was appointed as a TSKB Board Member on March 25, 2021.