Sustainability and Environmental Consultancy

This service aims to review customer activities from a sustainability perspective and create or develop the company's sustainability strategy. In this context, the customer’s requirements are determined and sustainable products are prepared for the customer. Gap analysis work, the establishment of medium- and long- term sustainability goals and the design of sustainable finance products are among the services offered in this context. In addition, the service also includes the performance of studies on environmental and social status evaluation, environmental and social monitoring, environmental management, waste management, water quality management and air quality management in investments and the preparation of related reports.

Carbon Management and Climate Change

This service aims to calculate greenhouse gas emissions and reductions in emissions arising from the buildings and the production activities of private sector companies in accordance with ISO 14064 Carbon Management Standards, to carry out greenhouse gas emission monitoring activities and to offer innovative energy solutions by reducing the carbon footprint. The determination of strategies to tackle climate change depending on the companies’ vulnerability to climate change is one of the services provided within the scope of this product. In this context, climate change mitigation and adaptation management plans are prepared for the companies.