ESG Impact Assessment

Today, financial performance is no longer the sole objective of company management; environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts of operations are shaped in line with both legal obligations and stakeholder expectations.

ESG Impact Assessment examines the environmental, social and governance aspects of daily operations, investments made and planned to be made, and examines the company's workflows, field practices and managerial approaches.

Environmental aspects such as energy, water, emissions and waste management; social aspects such as inclusion, equality, career development, education and occupational health; and governance aspects such as management systems, auditing, fair trade, business ethics and stakeholder relations are all addressed, and opinions and recommendations are provided to help the company achieve a more positive ESG performance. In this way, the client is supported to take steps in the right direction on issues such as sustainability, climate crisis, energy and resource efficiency, which are among the focal points of the business world.

ESG Impact Assessment can be prepared as an independent report or as an integrated study within the scope of "Financial Strategy Report" consultancy.