We implement a competitive and market-sensitive remuneration policy.

Market salary surveys conducted regularly by consultants who are specialized in their fields are taken into account in the execution of this policy. Employee performance, self-improvement efforts, market salary survey results, regional differences and rates of inflation are taken into account when awarding pay rises. Employees are paid monthly gross salaries, incentive bonuses and special payments where they demonstrate outstanding success according to the Performance Management System results. TSKB’s Compensation Management is based on attracting and retaining employees with the skills and attributes that organization needs, which is same for executives as well.

Social security for employees is provided by the TSKB Clerks and Employees Aid and Retirement Foundation (Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bankası A.Ş. Memur ve Müstahdemleri Yardım ve Emekli Vakfı) and the TSKB Members Supplementary Social Security and Aid Fund Foundation (“Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bankası A.Ş. Mensupları Munzam Sosyal Güvenlik ve Yardımlaşma Sandığı Vakfı).

Employees who have worked for between 1 and up to and including 5 years are granted 15 working days of leave per year, while employees who have worked between 5 and 15 years are granted 20 working days of leave per year.

The Bank offers 25 working days of annual leave to employees who have worked for 15 years or more, as well as additional leave in the event of sickness, marriage, death, maternity and breastfeeding leave in order to comply with the minimum legal regulations.

Employees of the Bank may also benefit from social benefits aimed at meeting their social needs and providing them with improved job satisfaction and living standards. In this vein, employees are provided with health assistance, meal cards, support with transportation budget, communication package support, internet support and assistance with their children, marriage and child birth.

Road-based transportation is provided for personnel travelling to various districts of Istanbul on both the Asian and European sides.

A lunch and beverages are offered to employees at the TSKB Head office.

Social Rights

By establishing and successfully implementing social security systems that offer privileges to its employees, TSKB carries the "sustainability" and "leadership" features of investment and development banking to the social security field as well.

Second Pension and Health Services

A system offering a second retirement opportunity is being implemented by the TSKB Foundations. Under this system, the TSKB Foundations provide pensions to its members throughout their lives, and to beneficiaries in the event of their death, as well as medical care in private hospitals.


The library, located in the TSKB Head Office building, is open to all employees with its extensive book collection.

Gym Hall

All employees are provided with the opportunity to use the gym hall located on the TSKB campus outside of working hours.

Team Sports

With the aim of fostering a sense of team spirit among employees and enhancing internal communication, employees from different departments may join football, rowing and table tennis teams and represent TSKB in domestic and international corporate tournaments.

Occupational Health and Safety

TSKB has embraced the importance of a healthy and safetyfor its employees and has taken these issues on board in its human resources policies and practices. TSKB's Head Office buildings in Istanbul and its Ankara Branch fully comply with the occupational health and safety legislation in place in Türkiye. The Bank's responsibilities, physical conditions and technical infrastructure are periodically checked within the scope of legislation through the Occupational Health and Safety Board which it has established. The Occupational Health and Safety Board, which also includes representatives from affiliate companies and subcontractors serving in the Bank's buildings, consists of 18 individuals, including six employees of the Bank, one OHS specialist, one Workplace Physician, three affiliate company representatives and seven subcontractor representatives. The Board is chaired by the Building Operations and Administrative Affairs Manager. The activities carried out are announced on the Bank's website. In addition, the Bank implements a policy which takes contemporary occupational health and safety practices around the world into account. 

“Zero Accident” Level

For TSKB, maintaining zero-accidents in the workplace is an unwavering corporate goal. In addition, TSKB works in cooperation with individuals and organizations specialized in the field of health and safety in order to ensure complete health and safety in the workplace.

The full text of TSKB's Occupational Health and Safety Policy can be reached here.

These training programs are provided to employees every year. Click here to access the education indicators.

Click here to access information on Zero Accident Levels.

Compensation Policy

Severance pay

In accordance with the relevant articles of the Labour Law, severance pay is given to employees whose employment contract is terminated in one of the situations requiring payment of severance pay as specified in the provisions of the Labour Law, or to the legal heirs of the employee in case of death.

Notification of Termination Benefits

The notice period is applied according to the notification periods determined in the relevant article of the Labour Law. In cases where the notification period is not applied, notice compensation is paid in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Law. In cases where the notification period is applied, a period of not less than two hours per day is granted to the employee to seek new positions within the notification period.